Yes, I Know How Long It’s Been

I’ve been busy and unable to write. I had house guests and then my mother got sick, again, and I had extra stuff to do with that. I’ve been too spent to do any writing. Heck, I’ve been too spent to do any housework to speak of. But, that’s going to change next week.

OK, I sound like I’m putting things off, but not really. Next week is when I go to Bedford Springs Spa Resort to take the waters. In other words, I’m taking a few days to be pampered at a first class spa complete with mineral springs. It’s a newly restored luxury resort in Bedford, PA, that, according to what I’ve read, has a long history of catering to the rich and famous. Being neither, I think it will be interesting to see how the other half lives. Of course, I can’t really afford this, but, based on the way I’ve been feeling lately, I can’t not afford it.

These truly are ramblings, aren’t they? When I started writing this, I intended to be profound, to have something to say. Obviously, I”m still overstressed and too tired to think. Maybe I’ll go back to reading a book.

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