My Shoulder Diagnosis

I saw the orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and got some good news. There is no obvious tear, but there is some damage. I have a bone spur and some calcification. The pain is tendonitis. I got a cortisone shot which wasn’t as painful as the others I’ve had in the past. And, it helped quite a bit. So much so that I went shopping and carried my purchases in my right hand, which hurt, but which I was able to do. Of course, by the time I got home, the shoulder was pretty sore and I had to ice it. That’s why I waited till today to post this. I also have to start physical therapy.

All this means that I will be making Thanksgiving dinner and playing the organ for Thanksgiving morning, regular Sunday services, mid-week Advent services, and two more services on Christmas Eve. Then, there is going to church on Christmas day, cooking for mom and dad, and then playing for regular Sunday services the following morning. I’m tired just thinking about it. But, that schedule had me completely stressed out because I had no idea how I’d manage it all in pain. Or how I’d get through it if I had to have surgery and there was no one to take me to and from the hospital and to help with my rehab. Now, I’m just under the stress I normally feel when I sit down and think about my life.

Since I have to run over to see mom and dad, I am going to cut this short. I’ll be posting something else later today or tomorrow, something more on topic, I hope.

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  1. Glad to hear the outcome is better than at first you thought. You sound like a busy woman! I am exhausted just reading your schedule!

    • Thanks, Claire. I was happy too, but also a little sad that I wouldn’t be getting a chance to sit and rest.

      This is my busiest time of the year. At least I can get away with doing gift certificates for gifts instead of going all over creation to shop for presents. Plus, they are easier to mail.

      The thing is, I love playing the organ for church, and I get paid for it! That’s a plus. But, at this time of year, it does get to be a bit much because of all the extra services. I play for two churches every week. During Lent and Advent, I also play for the church I actually belong to.

  2. Good to hear that you do not need surgery! Wow, you have a lot on your plate. Don’t even think about how much you have to do or you will get really stressed out. It helps me tremendously to stay in the moment.

    Look forward to your next blog!

    • Me, too. But a part of me wanted the chance to have someone wait on me while I was recovering! And, it’s too late for not feeling overwhelmed. I already do. I’ll explain in another post.

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