Snow, Wind, Repeat

Before I get into a rant about the cold wind blowing in from the northwest, here’s an update on my progress at Weight Watchers. Despite being less than 100% faithful to the new program, I dropped 1.8 pounds last week. That’s as much as I lost during the whole month of November. The trick was not in the new program, but in the mindfulness of my eating. There were times when I ate small quantities of things (OK, chocolate) that, just a week before would not have been enough. But instead of buying a bag of Hershey’s kisses and eating nearly all of them in a day, I picked up some good, dark chocolate and nibbled on a piece a day. A nice treat that satisfied my craving for something rich and sweet. I also ate a lot of grapes that, oddly enough, satisfied my urge to crunch on something.

Now to the weather. Most of the U.S. seems to be in the grip of a cold snap that is also producing snow. Here in the Pittsburgh we are fairly lucky. The snow totals aren’t too bad, but the winds are. Combine the wind with the cold temperatures, and it is just frigid outside. I know, I spent a lot of yesterday out in it. The walk from car to building was enough to convince me that I wanted to be inside. Of course, once inside, I wanted to be back outside because I could not get anyone to wait on me.

That’s one of my pet peeves about some stores. You have money that you are willing to spend, but there is no one around to assist you. I did manage to get what I wanted. Now, I just have to find someone to help me get my new, flat-screen TV out of the box without breaking it. It’s a little heavier than I thought it would be and with my shoulder injury, I’m afraid to do too much lifting on my own. I also decided to upgrade to a Blu-Ray player. Hey, if I’m going to be stuck at home a lot this winter, I should have the means to enjoy myself, right?


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  1. Congratulations on your weigh loss! That is awesome. I am AWOL from WW right now.

    Keep warm!

    • I’ve been AWOL for too long, too. I decided it was time to get back to business. Since the changes to the program just came in, it seemed like the logical time to re-enter the game. And, some days that’s what it feels like. Playing with points.

      Thanks for the congrats. I could tell I’d lost but usually when I think I did, I don’t. But my face looked less puffy and the jeans zipped up a little easier. The major change is that they are encouraging people to eat more protein. The structure of the points system has changed a bit, too, and includes protein and total carbs in the calculation. They have a special calculator to do it or, if you have access to their on-line tools (paid access), you can do it on the site. But, the slider thing doesn’t work for the new program since there are too many variables.

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