Is Anyone Listening?

I don’t blame you if you’ve decided not to read this blog. I understand. After all, it’s been two months since my last post. I got out of the habit of writing. I haven’t felt like it even though I know that writing would ease some of the pain I’ve been in. Not all of it though, since some of it is physical and using my right arm/hand can be painful.

Now that I have your attention, the physical pain is caused by a massive rotator cuff tear as well as a tear in the bicep of my right arm. I am right-handed. I am a church organist. I am the caregiver for my parents. I am the driver for my parents. I am not on any pain medication other than the anti-inflammatory I take for my arthritis. I’ve been using ice and Extra Strength Tylenol to help cut the pain. This is the injury that happened in early November, the one I had a cortisone shot for and that I went through physical therapy for. I don’t know when the bicep tear happened, but it’s possible it happened at PT when they added weights.

As for the other pain, the mental/psychological pain I’m going through, well, I learned two days before I had the MRI that resulted in the above diagnosis that my dad has Alzheimer’s. The psychiatrist at the VA GEM clinic told us that when she examined him. I had called the day before the appointment and requested that one of the doctors explain to dad why they took away his driving privileges. That is the reason.

I was surprised and not surprised. After all, my aunt, his sister, had it, and the changed I’d noticed in him were troubling enough to make me think something like that was going on.

The biggest problem now is to get mom and dad to agree to a move to assisted living and to move right away so that I can get the surgery I need. Even then, things will be delayed because I need someone to come help me through the first weeks of recovery and that means coordinating my schedule with my sister’s schedule. I hope it happens soon because I’m tired of hurting.

Just thought it was time to check in and let you know what’s up in case anyone is still out there.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad. It is difficult. Having lived through this stage of life several times already, all I can say is I found it helpful to have an ally who I could go to to share my feelings of frustration, rage, pain, bewilderment, etc. You must take care of you, if you are going to take care of anyone. If you don’t already have a friend, doctor, social worker or counselor, then find one who has experience with aging parents. It will help you keep going forward.

    You are in my prayers. Keep writing, that helps, too.

  2. Good to have you back! I am here and listening. I am sorry to hear about your father and your injury, though it sounds like surgery will fix it. I hope and pray that your parents accept the assisted living situation for their sake and yours.

  3. I am still out here reading! So sorry to hear of your troubles and will pray that things will get better for you soon.

  4. Keep it up you seem like a great writer. Obviously you have a lot on your plate. I can relate! My aging parents have various problems, I have a son still at home, and a chronic health condition of my own. Thankfully, no one told me the 50s would be this way.

    • Thanks, Angela. It’s nice to hear that.

      Yes, much on my plate, and even more since the last post. I had the surgery in May and an in physical therapy and will be for a long time. Just saw the surgeon for a follow-up today. Progress, slow, but sure. Will never pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates or be qb of the Steelers, but that’s OK. As long as I can cook, drive, write, eat, and play the organ, I’m good.

      Still caring for mom and dad, but that’s getting harder and harder as they go more and more downhill. More recently, I’ve been fighting a sinus infection which makes it all the more interesting. Perhaps I need to get back into this again if only for the sanity break!

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